Inside the Gameplan: Texas identity

There was actually a lot on display in the Texas Spring game besides the question of whether Swoopes or Heard outperformed the other and revealed a more promising future for the Texas offense. The defense played quite well, the team exhibited some interesting strengths and weaknesses, and our eyes got to see exactly how far things have progressed.

Hungry Horns

Let’s discuss our differences. Compared to last season, the Texas offense is different, half the defensive starters are different and there are three new assistants. More important, the attitude is vastly different. In fact, things are so different that offensive line coach Joe Wickline actually paid his unit a rare compliment. Well, almost.
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Inside Scoop – 3/27/15

Yes, we are talking about practice. Latest from the Frank Denius Fields as UT gets into full spring swing, plus the Texas Relays are in town along with some of the nation's best athletes. Great chance for Strong to say hello to a handful of prospects and targets. We also talk to a new offer, a new QB target, and the very latest on Rick Barnes. We are sitting on the front row in this week's Inside Scoop.
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Mondays in the Humidor with the Big Cigar

In this edition of Mondays in the Humidor we’ll focus almost entirely on the team’s prospects as they go into spring ball. In the last week we’ve had eyes on every unit and there are some surprises to say the least. We’ll also talk a little bit about projections along the offensive line and defensive secondary that should come to fruition once the season starts.