Coach V’s Grades – Kansas

It's fun to watch our guys make plays. When you score half a hundred it stands to reason we must have played pretty damn well and we did. The best part for me was we had guys picking up other guys when we fell a little short of positive execution. Four turnovers (interception, fumble, and two 4th down blunders) usually spells hello loss column but we overcame because players made plays down the stretch. Here are the grades:

Five Quick Thoughts: Texas narrowly evades disaster against Kansas

With multiple new starters facing a Kansas offense that has shown much greater competence and had a bye week to prepare under a hotshot young OC, Texas' defense was in a decisive game. This was a time for the Longhorns to settle in on defense and focus on playing good base defense while keying Pooka Williams. That was the common assumption throughout the week, bolstered by talking points from the Texas staff about simplifying and getting the players moving fast.

Inside the Gameplan: Red River Recovery

Lincoln Riley and his staff put on a very unwelcome exposé in the Cotton Bowl on some of the problems in Tom Herman’s Texas program. There are a few issues now that are more or less settled fact, many of which can only be patched up next offseason when more rigorous solutions can be applied. One such issue is the lack of bang for his buck that Herman is getting from his staff.