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Johnson ready to ‘call in’ on and off the field for his senior season

Texas head coach Tom Herman constantly asks those in his program to go 1-0 in everything they do. Whether it’s an offseason workout, an in-season practice, a test, or a game, 1-0 is a non-negotiable program principle for members of his team. Senior WR Collin Johnson is a believer in 1-0. He’s a Longhorn though and through, just like the rest of the Johnson family. But Collin has his own small spin on 1-0 that he applies to his on field exploits and his off-field ventures.

Missing piece to UT’s 2017 run game?

When I read practice reports or staff quotes I'm looking for hints that will answer that question. The way the spread offense works is really pretty simple. You space out your players, attack different areas of the field, and then hit opponents where they yield numbers or leverage. Or if you have an elite feature to your offense, you pound them with it repeatedly unless they shut it down.

Post-Spring Then and Now – Running Backs

We'll continue the series with running backs as Texas looks to find a replacement for D'Onta Foreman's 2000 yards. Texas has talent, albeit largely unproven, and it has bodies, but can anyone assert himself as the lead back while the rest of the depth chart finds its level behind him? That answer is yes, provided Chris Warren stays healthy. That's an 'if' the size Warren himself, as illustrated by an exchange between Scipio and I.