Gameplan: Finesse or power on the offensive line?

Texas’ offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Kyle Flood has an interesting puzzle to solve in the coming fall camp. For most of the offseason the assumption has been Texas would carry on the work Mike Yurcich started and lean on outside zone as the primary running scheme in 2021. The move to outside zone was at times disastrous for Texas in 2020 but it clearly suited the strengths of younger players on the unit, particularly center Jake Majors.

It’s Kyle Flood-ing Down in Texas

Like the unrelenting rains that have washed over our great state like a young Ian Boyd's tears whenever bullies threw his abacus to the ground in 2nd grade, first year Texas OL coach Kyle Flood has his work cut out for him as he seeks to patch leaks on an offensive line that has better raw talent than conventional wisdom holds, but is in dire need of some calculated caulk in the cracks.