The Great Offensive Line Gold Rush of 2017

For years, many of us wondered where the depth of quality offensive line prospects were. Despite Texas consistently landing its first choices at the position, there just weren't a whole lot of options. Sure, A&M went on a great run of offensive line evaluation and development, but they were about the only ones, save some scatter-shots like Spencer Drango at Baylor and Le'Raven Clark at Texas Tech.

Texas Media Days ’16

AUSTIN -- Texas Media Days marks one of the few occasions the media is able to meet with every member of the coach staff. All of the coaches were asked their opinion on the main storylines surrounding Texas football this season, including quarterback, the defensive line and the new offense. Joe will break down his time with the defensive coaches, while JW reports on the new offense.
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Film Session: Hudson and Urquidez

Who knew the month of June would be hotbed recruiting season? I loved Charlie Strong’s strategy back in February: “Take the defensive tackles, all of them.” I don’t think that’s a direct quote but it’s essentially what happened which is why I personally designed this celebratory photo — enjoy. I had no clue there’d be even more beef coming to the 40 Acres on the offensive side of the ball after signing day.

Inside the Gameplan: Strong gets staffing right

Probably the single biggest problem for the Charlie Strong era at Texas has been a lack of offensive identity to help guide the development and deployment of the team’s talent in a unified direction. Besides the lack of a strong passing QB to make things easy, a bigger issue has been a lack of staff unity and vision from the top. Without that, both choosing and developing talent as well as leveraging it becomes very difficult.

The Business of CFB Coaching

If you’re surprised, angry, or depressed by the amount of money Texas football’s assistant coaches make — don’t be. Most of us don’t make our living atop Fortune 500 companies, so a salary upwards of $400,000 is the kind of thing dreams are made of. In fact, making that much money annually puts someone near (or in) the top 1%. It’s understandable a football coach earning that much, or considerably more, will illicit a myriad of different responses.

Gilbert, Mattox, and the Veer and Shoot

In truth, I don’t have anything to say until we get to DKR – Texas Memorial Stadium when the Longhorns take on Notre Dame in Week 1. I never go to press availabilities looking for the holy grail of information. I usually go to read body language, catch chatter off to the side, catch a private conversation with the person we are talking to and watch the players interact with each other.