2016 UT Football Spring Primer: Quarterback

The Stockholm Syndrome of repeated quarterback controversies and undecided depth charts has conditioned Texas sports fans to embrace, nay, love, discussing the position. I hate it. I feel there's a curse hanging over me as I've been forced to endure the conversation every year since I've been writing. With precocious freshman Shane Buechele being followed by ambitious freshman Sam Ehlinger the following year, I'm sure we'll be discussing this topic again next year.
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Merrick On Board

Occam's razor played out in the case of Texas and Dallas Cistercian Prep quarterback, Matthew Merrick. The fewest assumptions of why Merrick wasn't on campus yet, was, it wasn't known if he was the best quarterback option for Texas to bring in late to the class. The agreement the two parties made was that he would be a grayshirt offer and arrive in January of 2016 at which point he would be on scholarship.