Texas too much for No.12 OU, 79-74

AUSTIN -- Texas plugged into a hyped-up crowd to run down No. 12 Oklahoma in the second half Saturday, beating the Sooners 79-74 in a raucous - and full - Frank Erwin Center. Trailing 40-35 at halftime while shooting just 40 percent from the field, the Longhorns blitzed the Sooners in the second half, outscoring Lon Kruger's team 44-34 to earn the win. Matt Coleman and Kerwin Roach led the second-half rush to push the Longhorns to a 15-8 overall record and a 5-5 Big 12 mark.

Segment-by-segment: Gonzaga 76, Texas 71

In my notes, I like splitting the game up by TV timeout sections (20:00 to U16, U16 to U12, etc.). This allows me to make more divisions in the game than simply first half, second half. It’s a subjective system (I determine who wins the section and how many points are awarded), but I think it is a good way to measure control of a game for certain sections. The team who wins more divided segments should get the win.
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Fridays in the Scoop – 5/12/17

While the 2018 class is coming together quite nicely, let's take an early look at the 2019 Texas targets and the relationships being built. While there are roughly 12-14 spots left in 2018, the 2019 class could and should be Herman's biggest class in Austin to this point. Here's who they love, like, and will further evaluate. Also, some potentially huge hoops recruiting news. It's a two-Scoop kind of week.