Texas-Baylor Preview

The Bears have won four of their first six games with pretty good offense and a subpar defense. Head coach Matt Rhule is doing a good job of recruiting raw speed and SPARQ superstars to Waco while simultaneously understanding that his natural inclination to win with defense as at Temple isn't going to cut it with this current Bear roster. Consequently, the Bears run a wide open tempo offense that runs a lot of plays.
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Evaluating Football Athletes Part V: Two Different Paths to Freak

The Evaluating Football Athletes series illustrates the physical attributes competent evaluators should be looking to feed into their development process. It's also a caution to focus on what players CAN BE. Film can be self-evident - it doesn't take many clips of Adrian Peterson or Shaun Rogers in high school to understand what you're seeing - but they're exceptional athletes with floors already higher at age 18 than most athlete's ceilings at age 25. That's why you recruit them.