Five Quick Thoughts: Kansas 24, Texas 21 (OT)

LAWRENCE, KS -- A win is a win no matter how ugly it is. But a loss to a team that hasn't won on the Big 12 it seems since the Clinton administration is about as bad as it gets. And from a different angle, when your running back continues to shatter records because you're force feeding him 51 carries - the most in D1 since 2000 and seven from the all-time mark, this loss is the type that gets coaches fired. No matter how many values he has. Here are our Five Quick Thoughts following KU's 24-21 OT win over Texas on Saturday.

Scipio Tex: The West Virginia Preview

The 7-1 West Virginia Mountaineers comes to Austin ranked 10th in the nation, the Big 12's surprise dark horse. They're the anti-Texas - a team of media-starved veterans exceeding expectation. The only thing they seem to have in common with the Longhorns is their willingness to balance their spread attack with the running game and a base 3-3-5 defense. Unlike us, they installed their defense in August.

Hypotheticals: Texas hires new DC

Look, I'm not optimistic Charlie Strong will be back, but I would like to hit on all the angles and possibilities just in case. Should Strong hang on to his job, we know Vance Bedford is likely out. Clay Jennings should help him pack. Brick Haley has done enough to keep his job across the defensive line dependent on who the new defensive coordinator is and signs off on. Something worth discussing is what will happen with Brian Jean-Mary.

The Texas-Oklahoma State Primer

Texas looks to continue to win on the road in Stillwater when they take on Oklahoma State at 11 a.m. on Saturday. For Texas, this is a big week. It's the beginning of conference play, the defense can show whether it has improved or not, and the Horns have the chance to avenge their controversial loss from last season. We've got you covered: