The Definitive Oklahoma State Game Preview – Defense, Specials Teams

The Cowboy defense has plenty of experience and some talent, but they're still smarting from the loss of impact edge players and inconsistent replacements. That deficiency is showing up in their inability to limit the deep passing game and that's the main reason they're surrendering 6.0 yards per play (at a staggering 9.5 yards per pass attempt) despite playing solid defense on money downs, limiting the run and tackling reasonably well. Here's OSU Preview on Defense at Inside Texas.

Texas-Notre Dame Defensive Post-Mortem

Alarmed. Encouraged. Notre Dame presents schematic problems that we won't see again until we play Oklahoma and it's hard to fault our effort level. Some issues should be cleaned up with game experience and teaching. Others will be cleaned up by graduation, recruiting, another offseason of development and finding a defensive identity that fits our defensive personnel at all three levels.

Things I’ll be watching for versus ND

Like all of you, I’ll evaluate our quarterbacks for gutty moxie, derring-do and the intangible qualities of leadership best codified by L Ron Hubbard. I’ll seek empirical evidence for non ping-pong based team chemistry. I’ll ascertain the pleat depth of Sterlin Gilbert’s Dockers Loose Fits. I’ll muse whether Grambling or the Colorado School of Mines is the better fit for the Big 12 expansion.