Inside the Gameplan: An historically unique offense

The 2019 Texas Longhorn offense is likely to be historically unique. The 2018 offense was fairly unique in its own right, they essentially ran a 21 personnel spread a year ago with Andrew Beck serving as a part-time fullback and occasional flex tight end while Lil’Jordan Humphrey was a nearly full-time flex tight end. Those two players defined the offense with their hybrid utilizations.

Texas too tough for Georgia, 28-21

NEW ORLEANS -- When it came time to actually play the Sugar Bowl, one team played tougher and executed at a much higher rate than the other. It just wasn’t the one most were expecting. Maybe Bevo XV’s charge at opposing mascot Uga X should have been a sign of the impending game. Or maybe it should have been Texas’ opening drive where every play gained yardage. By the end of the night, it was clear who the better team was on January 1, 2019. No. 15 Texas defeated No. 5 Georgia 28-21 to win the Allstate Sugar Bowl and achieve a 10-win season for the first time since 2009.