Inside the Gameplan: We have to talk Daje

Daje Johnson is maybe one of Longhorn fan’s least favorite topics. Every year he tantalizes with his talent and then amounts to virtually nothing on the football field. Off the field issues, basic academic eligibility not least of them, have played a large role in keeping him off the field. His hybrid skill set that doesn’t allow him to fit into every offense like some cookie-cutter receiver is another concern.

Mondays in the Humidor with the Big Cigar

In this edition of Mondays in the Humidor with the Big Cigar we’ve got information that’s going to stay between the lines for the most part. El Cohiba Grande gives us the lowdown about where this squad is at as a team and some names to look out for as we head to the start of the season. He’ll also get into a little bit of scheme as it relates to the offense the scrimmage this weekend.
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Merrick On Board

Occam's razor played out in the case of Texas and Dallas Cistercian Prep quarterback, Matthew Merrick. The fewest assumptions of why Merrick wasn't on campus yet, was, it wasn't known if he was the best quarterback option for Texas to bring in late to the class. The agreement the two parties made was that he would be a grayshirt offer and arrive in January of 2016 at which point he would be on scholarship.

Looking for Improvement in 2015: Offense

Turnovers, lack of execution, missed opportunities; that about sums up the 2014 Texas offense. No stat will give you the shakes more than Texas giving up more than a touchdown per game off turnovers. It was either very hard to score on Texas or incredibly easy. That needs to be fixed and that starts with the quarterback, though John Harris' fumble returned for a touchdown versus Iowa State didn't help.

Culpepper Commentary: Big 12 in 2015

Let’s face the facts - without a clear cut conference champion the Big 12 was left out in the cold for the first College Football Playoff in 2014. Somebody screwed up big time. TCU, led by Coach Gary Patterson went into the heart of SEC Country, the Peach Bowl in Atlanta and destroyed the Ole Miss Rebels, who had upset Alabama earlier in the year. Baylor, once again, was upset in a bowl game by Michigan State in the heart of Big 12 country, AT&T Stadium in Arlington. Both teams could have been in College Football’s first playoff - but without a clear-cut champion the committee put Big 10 champion Ohio State ahead of both Baylor and TCU.