Gameplan: Competing lame ducks in Austin

Vegas’ opening line for the upcoming Baylor game was Texas -10.5. It has since moved to Texas -8.5, perhaps due to a complete collapse of faith in betting Longhorn fans that their head coach has any real control over the direction of the program. When the athletic director is meeting with the players and giving them clear expectations for what’s expected of them after games and it contrasts with public statements made by the head coach days prior, that’s a sign the head coach is essentially a lame duck.

Tom Herman and the “save us, Sam Ehlinger” offense

A recurring theme is now evident in Texas’ conference games. The Longhorns sputter on offense with a big play here or there and limited production in the run game, while the defense gives up just enough to where the Longhorns need to mount a comeback in the late stages of a game. Texas’ corresponding efforts in the final stretch of conference games is based on spread passing and lucky bounces.

Texas Football Coaching Hires: The Small Time, Big Time

This is not a historical reprise of the intricacies of every hire in Texas football history. Let's keep this manageable. What I will illustrate is how often Texas, a clear Top 10 national football program, has thought small and/or hired unproven more often than not in its program history. History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme and our rhymes owe more to MC Hammer than Eric B and Rakim, if you catch my drift.