Coach V’s Grades: Texas-TCU

We did not play well across the board. We had red zone opportunities but settled for field goal chances (3 out of 4) and surrendered on downs at the lip because we didn't have a answer for a simple edge stunt in our blocking scheme. This offense developed over the course of the season but the question is which way did it go. We went from an up tempo wide open starting the season to the slowdown check the sideline for a late call that choked our ambition to a slower death. Anybody remember why we practice fast break since we play a stall during the actual game? Oh well, here are the grades.
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Fridays in the Hermador -11/25/16

Thursday evening, after weeks of keeping our cool while others repeatedly broke their hollowed-out tooth cyanide capsule, we finally felt the coaching search pressure a bit based on some very reliable information. And damn am I pissed about that because thanks to some quick action I once again think UT is back to neutral with Herman's car headed downhill to Austin, provided the UT admin doesn't set up any spike-strips.

How to beat TCU

Perhaps the biggest ramification of a win against TCU on Firday would be Texas achieving bowl eligibility after a one year drought. The bowl games themeslves are largely worthless exhibitions, a sideshow to the real achievements represented by winning your conference or reaching the playoffs. However, they carry a lot of fun and perks for the players and some valuable extra practices for the coaches that could be very useful for a program with a lot of youth and a weak grasp of fundamentals.

UT’s roster for a new regime

The subject of the next football coach at the University of Texas is a big one that we’ll be exploring from a dozen different angles over the course of the offseason. Right now it seems like Tom Herman is the most likely candidate and everyone wants to know “what could we expect from a Herman Texas in year one???” Here’s just an early snapshot of Herman’s offensive strategy and how it translates to the current Texas roster.