Scipio Tex: K-State post-game reaction

I offered the Wildcat game plan in the game preview. So I'm sure none of us were surprised. I don't think my heart rate broke 100. Grind, possess, take the air out of the ball. Even though KSU uncharacteristically derailed their own Wildcat ball with three second half turnovers. They scouted us well and it showed on key downs. Texas won 1st and 2nd more often than not. The Wildcats won 3rd and 4th down. That was the difference in the game. That written, I didn't expect Texas to help KSU execute their game plan.

Culpepper: Texas at 3-3

In case you missed it, Iowa State scored 20 points vs TCU, 42 points vs Baylor, and 31 points vs Oklahoma State. For a defense that has been a joke for the last three previous games and had to be overhauled by head coach Charlie Strong it was rock solid performance that showed his firm hand. It was enjoyable watching the Longhorn defense tackle again.

Inside the Gameplan: Eternal Recurrence and KSU

Philosopher Frederick Nietzsche once suggested that everything in the universe cycles on repeat, with the same events occurring over and over again in an eternal recurrence. When you examine Texas’ series against Kansas State you have to wonder if he was on to something. Talented but occasionally sloppy Texas team meets athletically limited but fundamentally sound Kansas State squad, the latter team imposes their will on the game, Texas heads home with a loss and wonders how they lost to such an opponent.
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Fridays in the Humidor – 10/21/16

This week's Humidor provides a healthy puff of team information, including the status of the o-line, secondary and a young running back. The staff then breaks down what else Texas could be doing in its "Texas fast" veer and shoot scheme, including a few simple changes. Finally, we jump into where the recruitment of one of the state's top wide outs is currently.

Stream of Consci__sness – 10/18/16

Texas finds itself 3-3 with a chance to get above .500 this late in the season for the first time under Strong. Not exactly ideal, but we know that already. Iowa State was the perfect game following the 3-game losing streak. K-State on the road is the perfect game following the ISU victory. UT now has the chance to defeat the Wildcats on the road for the first time since Nelly and Kelly Clarkson were doing battle on the pop charts. On second thought, maybe we don't want a return to 2002.
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The Inside Scoop – 10/17/16

This week in the Scoop, we talk the latest injury, transfer and Texas recruiting news, including several players who are ready to end their relationship with Texas. We also check in on two of the most sought after recruits in the nation, as well as several prospects who made their way to Austin this past weekend. Finally, we check in on the team to see how they are prepping for the Purple Wizard.