Gameplan: The calm before the schedule storm

Back in the early 2000s Texas teams all followed a very similar pattern for the season. They’d lose to Oklahoma in October and drop one other game either in the non-conference or toward the end of the year that would invariably be the difference between having a Big 12 title/BCS season or not. The three-game stretch following the Oklahoma game could always be counted on to supply a three-game winning streak as the Longhorns adjusted to whatever deficiencies Bob Stoops had made apparent for them.

Scipio Tex: Putting money away on the OL/DL

I’m in the middle of writing the 8th Annual Thinking Texas Football preview. Aside from the fact that I get to stare way too long at a computer screen for 12 hours a day, it affords me the opportunity to dig into the football program at the macro and micro levels in every conceivable way. It was during this process last year that I began to have some insights on Orlando and the positional staff that allowed me to be the early driver on That Dog Won’t Hunt bus once I saw how we were going to play our 2019 cards.

Gameplan: Scouting the non-conference schedule

The 2019 Texas schedule was one of the more fortuitous set-ups the Longhorns have had in some time. They only had to leave the state of Texas twice, including the bowl game, and from the beginning were encountering a down Big 12 that lacked many high level passing and receiving combinations. The best receivers, Tylan Wallace and Ceedee Lamb, lacked high level passers and the best passers, Sam Ehlinger and Brock Purdy, lacked either a topline outside receiver or the opportunity to play against Texas.