Gameplan: Texas and the pro-spread offense

LSU’s 2019 championship run, which included multiple top 10 wins and quarterback Joe Burrow throwing for 5,671 yards and 60 touchdowns, was a line in the sand moment in college football. It’s now clear that the highest level of offensive football that can be achieved right now is running pro-style passing schemes from spread formations. From here on out, programs that don’t pursue a “pro-spread” approach on offense are essentially run game truthers.
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Corona compounds ‘crootin conundrum

Corona and “recruiting” tail during spring break is much more desirable than corona affecting the recruiting trail during the spring evaluation period. Though, some programs that have created momentum during these unprecedented recruiting times may beg to differ. Despite landing some solid commitments over the last month, Texas hasn’t been one of the schools able to manufacture momentum at this time.