2020 Texas Tech Red Raiders Game Preview

While Texas was doing what it wanted to UTEP (though the Miners bounced back against Abilene Christian and are now 2-1 - look out, y'all) Texas Tech was struggling with the Houston Baptist Huskies, narrowly edging them 35-33. This single data point doesn't suggest that Texas Tech is particularly awesome at football, but opening game struggles and quick fixes are not uncommon in the college football world. If you would like to argue about the potential for a team to grow from Game 1, I have some Texas-Maryland game film to show you, if I hadn't set it all on fire and mailed the ashes to Tom Herman.

Gameplan: The calm before the schedule storm

Back in the early 2000s Texas teams all followed a very similar pattern for the season. They’d lose to Oklahoma in October and drop one other game either in the non-conference or toward the end of the year that would invariably be the difference between having a Big 12 title/BCS season or not. The three-game stretch following the Oklahoma game could always be counted on to supply a three-game winning streak as the Longhorns adjusted to whatever deficiencies Bob Stoops had made apparent for them.

Schedule Challenges: How far can Bowman take the Texas Tech offense?

Ever since Mike Leach stepped on campus in Lubbock, the Red Raider offensive identity often revolved around a fast-paced offense predicated on the forward pass. Second-year head coach Matt Wells and his offensive coordinator, David Yost, are no different. In their first season, the Red Raiders were 10th nationally and 1st in the Big 12 in plays per game, per