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Fridays in the Humidor – 11/2/17

This specific Texas team knows it owes TCU for the recent pasteings. This sounds like a pretty vengeful bunch, at least on defense. I don't know that Texas will win, but I feel confident TCU will know it's been in a fight. Recruiting tempered some over the course of the week. The OU momentum faded a bit, at least as it concerns Texas. Keondre Coubrn canceled his trip to Alabama, and some big official visits have been set up.

Sputtering UT offense wastes defensive effort against OSU, 13-10 (OT)

AUSTIN -- An offensive line hampered by injuries limits what a team can do running the football. A limited running playbook does not help a young offense with a young quarterback behind an offensive line hampered by injuries. A young quarterback behind a young offensive line hampered by injuries that cannot run the ball forces teams to pass in non-passing situations.