Orlando sees bright future for UT’s offense

Texas defensive coordinator Todd Orlando addressed questions Tuesday surrounding the defense this spring including utilizing depth to replace injuries, finding eight new starters, and marking new leadership candidates. Orlando addressed all these uncertainties in a press conferences Tuesday, but his comments about the offense he sees every practice were the real attention getters.

Inside the Gameplan: Top goals for the spring on defense

Teams normally build their identity in the fall, and find their cornerstones in the spring. Last spring is when Todd Orlando determined that Brandon Jones was going to be a key piece of the puzzle in 2018 and what exactly he was going to offer (superior tackling and run support). They also established that Lil’Jordan Humphrey was one of the best players on the team and spent the fall figuring out how to maximize his abilities.
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Building A Backer Part I: The Big 12’s Best

Linebacker is one of the hardest positions to project from high school to college. The position requires agility, short area quickness, recognition, instincts, physicality and the ability to "play fast" (which is about the head as much as the legs). Those traits are then paired with technical and fundamental requirements that sometimes even gifted athletes can never quite master. Some linebackers are born, some are manufactured, but as offenses and rules change, the position itself is being redefined.