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Fridays in the Hermador -11/25/16

Thursday evening, after weeks of keeping our cool while others repeatedly broke their hollowed-out tooth cyanide capsule, we finally felt the coaching search pressure a bit based on some very reliable information. And damn am I pissed about that because thanks to some quick action I once again think UT is back to neutral with Herman's car headed downhill to Austin, provided the UT admin doesn't set up any spike-strips.

IT Podcast w/ Wells & Boyd: Crazy Times

In some of the most dramatic days since UT's loss to Kansas in Lawrence, Justin Wells and Ian Boyd deliver the IT Podcast with theme - Crazy, by Seal. We discuss Post-KU, Pre-TCU, coaching latest, and give a case for each Longhorn named finalist for major awards at the end of the year. It's bowl eligibility and finishing Strong in this edition of the Inside Texas Podcast.

News and Notes from the 40 Acres

Let me prematurely say Happy Thanksgiving. You're dead for a long time so don't spend the day in petty familial arguments. If you're like me you have some friends with empty chairs at the table this year. Enjoy your people while you have them and be enjoyable why they have you. That last bit is a tall order for some of you :) but do your best. More Strong, Herman, McFaven, LSU and Oregon jobs.