2020 Texas-Colorado Alamo Bowl Postmortem: Offense

The Longhorn offense dominated the Buffaloes, scoring 55 points, dropping 638 total yards (303 rushing, 335 passing), and averaging a spectacular 9.4 yards per play. All while playing three new OL starters, a backup QB in the second half, without their most experienced wide receiver, while also limiting Bijan Robinson to 12 total touches (that he turned into 220 total yards and three touchdowns).

Five Quick Thoughts: Recall the Alamo Bowl

Colorado wasn't a great team this season. The Pac-12 is really approaching a sad state of affairs these days. Last year's 10-win league runner-up was squashed by Texas. This year's 5-1 Colorado drew a Texas putting three new starters on the offensive line and still got smoked. Make no mistake, Colorado was quite bad this year despite their relative success in the Pac-12. Texas handled them like a Longhorn squad should handle an opponent of this caliber by burying them 55-23.