Talent and scheme align in the secondary

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Feel free to bump this thread in a couple of months, just please give it longer to play out than the first 12-yard completion against the defense of the season. It’s Stronglando all over AGIN!

How do I know the defensive backfield is going to be good? Well, for one, Anthony Cook wasn’t going to start. While I never bought into his one-time five-star rating, I did rank him #10 in the 2018 class. He had a sophomore slump, but so did most of the secondary. Are they without talent? No, not at all. He would start for every other Big 12 team.

But the main reason I know the secondary is going to be good is all the players are in the right fits and have defining traits that will assuredly translate. Defining traits are what must translate from high school to college for a player to have a chance of reaching his potential. These traits typically translate whether a player is coached up or not. They set the player’s floor.

Albert Regis is a popular name on the board right now. His defining traits are absurd movement skills for a guy his size. He’ll have that whether he signs with Alabama, Texas, or Vanderbilt.

It’s true the secondary, and corners especially, were lacking technique last year. It’s also true they had too many mental breakdowns. Those issues won’t be nearly as prevalent, even after missing spring ball. I know this because Chris Ash isn’t going to ask too much of the group. He’s going to let them play to their strengths, and collectively as well as individually, there are a lot of strengths.

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