Texas adds chief of staff for football

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Vanderbilt’s Jason Grooms has taken the role of chief of staff for football operations at Texas. This was previously held by Fernando Lovo.

Grooms was involved in many facets of the Vanderbilt football program, including day-to-day operations, budget control, team travel, player development, office organization including staff and personnel coordination, and the Gridiron Club, per Vanderbilt’s website.

Grooms has been an active member of the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) since 2001. He served as president of the AFCA’s Director of Football Operations group in 2017, in a year where the group’s yearly agenda was diversity and inclusion in college football. He has been a trustee for the organization as of 2018.

In 2013, Grooms was named’s 2013 Director of Football Operations of the Year for his contributions at Ohio.

Grooms was promoted to Ohio’s assistant athletic director for football operations prior to the 2011 season after serving six years as the Bobcats’ director of operations.

During his time at Ohio, Grooms oversaw six major facility renovation projects. He also established a fundraising plan and designed an extensive locker room renovation completed in 2015.

Cover photo courtesy of Vanderbilt