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Texas Fight

Dorian Leonard. (Will Gallagher/IT)
Dorian Leonard. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Former Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, probably popularized for coining the phrase “Clear and present danger,” had other strong words for history when he said, “The place for any man complete in all of their powers is in the fight.”

Texas went 6-6 last year and then lost the Texas Bowl to Arkansas and looked bad doing it. Obviously Texas is not complete in all of its powers.

But I do see fight.

There is a lot of fighting going on in the Texas football program right now and it is the exact kind of fighting that fans should like. Gone are the years of entitlement when expectations were set based on class, whether someone had a recruit behind them and handing out starting positions before they were earned it at Frank Denius Fields.

Good players have great recruits right behind them and those recruits are hungry. The entire roster is being coached hard and improvement is being seen from the starter level all the way to the walk-ons who saw what was possible in the form of Dylan Haines in 2014.

DeShon Elliott, a high school-All American from Rockwall – Heath High School (TX) and part of one of the best defensive backfield classes in the country took to Twitter on March 4, 2015…

@DeShonElliott_4 – ‘”Imma let y’all know now, that first game against Notre Dame I will be starting.”

After a few drops by the wide receivers during the Orange and White Scrimmage on Saturday, the internet was full of armchair quarterbacks stating that 2015 signees like John Burt and Gilbert Johnson will log playing time early in their tenure this fall. Sophomore receiver Armanti Foreman also took to Twitter making his point.

@_hetoohollywood on – “We are inexperienced at the WR position but we do have capable playmakers so to say the freshman WR’s will come in and play …We’ll see!”

As a former athlete that never had to have these battles on social media, I’ve learned that it is the medium through which they read commentaries and the platform through which they respond.

For a team that did not have an over abundance of fighters and seemed to be searching for guys willing to counter the assaults of other teams, guys that are willing to make a stand and then work their tail off to see it through has to be a characteristic that should be appreciated.

It was just last season when before the 2014 home game against BYU, Charlie Strong intimated that the Texas coaching staff seemed to be more upset about the 2013 BYU result than the players were. He was saying that he did not see much fight in this program.

Just as any parent is always trying to figure out where the passion lies within their children, coaches have to do the same thing with a team. If fight is what he is looking for, Strong might have found it. That is a very different place than Strong inherited.

My father used to tell us kids, “You don’t get what you deserve. You get what you expect, what you work and fight for and nothing more.”

Texas football seems to be getting the same message.