Texas Football Coaching Hires: The Small Time, Big Time

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This is not a historical reprise of the intricacies of every hire in Texas football history. Let’s keep this manageable. What I will illustrate is how often Texas, a clear Top 10 national football program, has thought small and/or hired unproven more often than not in its program history. History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme and our rhymes owe more to MC Hammer than Eric B and Rakim, if you catch my drift.

Whether simple bad luck, poor administrative hiring acumen, financial constraints, or a lack of awareness of what translates well to the 40, this program can go through some rough patches. We’ve also hit a lotto ticket here and there, including a power ball ticket named Darrell K Royal.

A program can kick ass with a young, energetic riser. But you’d better have supreme confidence in the administration’s ability to discern winning attributes, leadership, and what it takes to make it in Austin. Or just have really good luck. Take this ride with me – you’ll find it interesting.

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