Texas NFL Pro Day 2016

Daje Johnson. (Justin Wells/IT)
Daje Johnson. (Justin Wells/IT)

Texas Pro Day

The biggest thing out of pro day was that DT Hassan Ridgeway will probably be the only player drafted from Texas in 2016. If he was not leaving Texas early with eligibility left, this would be the 2nd time in three years that Texas would have had nobody drafted.

Texas, with one person invited to the NFL combine, has this day for everyone else to take their shot in realizing a dream and establishing an opportunity.

WR Daje Johnson – He has all the skill in the world to be a Sunday player and while he couldn’t put great numbers together for a complete season, his skills are undeniable. He tweaked his hamstring on his first 40 and was out for every other part of the testing. Big blow.

I did have an NFL scout text me and say, “The flashes that he has shown will get him into camp, who knows if he can take advantage of it.”

WR Marcus Johnson – Despite displaying elite speed, he did not display elite ball skills that are a must at the NFL level. He will still get into a camp on physical tools alone.

CB Duke Thomas – He ran 4.38 seconds in the 40. That will give him a shot right there. He’s also smart and well-seasoned, so he’ll make an NFL camp.

DT Desmond Jackson – This dude is strong and I think he could be a Sunday player if he can stay healthy and get an opportunity.

DE Shiro Davis – He looked good but then again, he always looks good. He showed really good strength putting up 29 reps on the bench. I never understood why he never developed, learned to use his hands or built book of pass moves.

FB Alex De La Torre – I had one scout text me and say, “I may have to go look at his film. He looked good in this format.”

Side note: My obligatory statement about David Ash…While he did not look as good throwing the ball this year as he did last year (a year off will do that to you), I always see him and wonder where Charlie Strong, Texas, and Shawn Watson would be had he never been hurt in at BYU in 2013 and Week 1 of 2014. Kid had all the tools.

Word to the wise on the Juniors

It will not be a bumper crop in 2017 at the Texas Pro Day either.

Maybe Sheroid Evans if he has a healthy year that lives up to potential.

Maybe Kent Perkins could get into a camp and make some noise if he has a great senior year.

OMG the Sophomores!

Now this will be a group with some kids that will have to request a draft grade and many will have to decide if they want to come back for their senior year. If this class stays on track, they are loaded with NFL talent.