Football Recruiting

Texas Offers Grayshirt to Emory Blake

Austin High senior receiver Emory Blake’s performance impressed Longhorn coaches at the Texas camp this past weekend, so much so that they offered him a scholarship…for 2010. With scholarship numbers so tight and Texas picking up another receiver commitment in Marquise Goodwin, there isn’t room for Blake in the 2009 class, but the Texas coaches have offered another solution…
There’s currently no scholarship to Texas available for Emory Blake for ’09, but there is one for the next recruiting class.

The Austin High receiver performed well in both individual drills and one-on-ones, including running a 4.4 in the 40, at the Texas camp this past weekend, earning him praise from the Longhorn coaching staff. After the camp, Blake had a chance to speak with head coach Mack Brown, offensive coordinator Greg Davis and wide receivers coach Bobby Kennedy about his prospects for a receiving a scholarship from UT.

“They said they really liked me but they didn’t have any scholarships available,” said Blake. “They told me to be patient and if something pops up they would let me know, but if I wanted to commit elsewhere that would be ok.”

Barring a decommitment or something of that nature, Emory Blake will not be a part of the Texas recruiting class of 2009…but there is still a possibility he could be a part of the Texas recruiting class of 2010.

“They did offer me a grayshirt and that’s now an option for me,” said Blake.

The Texas coaches liked Blake so much that, even though there isn’t room for another wide receiver in the class of 2009, they are willing to hold a scholarship for another year and bring him in for the next recruiting class.

How a grayshirt works is after graduating high school the player doesn’t go to school during the following fall semester and instead enrolls in college for the next spring (for Blake this would be the spring of 2010). Eligibility-wise, he wouldn’t officially be a freshman until the fall of 2010, but he could take classes and practice with the team during the spring before.

It’s not an overly common practice, but the Longhorns have made use of it before. Former Texas left tackle Tony Hills and current Texas left tackle Adam Ulatoski both took grayshirts before attending UT. Of course, Hills and Ulatoski did it because of injury. Blake would be doing it because the Texas coaches would like him to be a Longhorn, there’s just not enough room left for another receiver in a talented 2009 class.

At this point it’s looking more likely that Blake will choose to go elsewhere, but he has not ruled out taking a grayshirt to Texas and is considering his options.

As for the schools he’s considering if he chooses to go to college in 2009, the Austin high receiver now has his list down to seven and he’s going to do a little more trimming soon, given that a player can only take five official visits.

He’s currently considering Missouri, Oregon, Colorado, Tulsa, Nebraska, Texas Tech and USC. Each of those schools have offered him a scholarship except for the Trojans, but that could change soon as Blake will visit USC in two weeks.

Blake doesn’t strongly favor any one of the schools of the others right now and plans see where he feels the most comfortable on his official visits before naming a favorite. If he does choose to enroll in college for the fall of 2009, it will likely be at one of those seven schools, but attending Texas in 2010 remains a possibility.

He may be a 2009 receiver, but in many ways Emory Blake can be considered the Texas Longhorns’ first offer for the class of 2010.