Texas-West Virginia Post-Mortem: Offense

Lil'Jordan Humphrey (Will Gallagher/IT)
Lil’Jordan Humphrey (Will Gallagher/IT)

The season’s best performance by the Longhorn offense was a fun watch, not just because it highlighted the supreme growth of Sam Ehlinger, the OL in pass protection, the wide receivers, and Tre Watson being possessed by tackle-breaking demons, but it also showed once again what the Longhorn offense is capable of operating without an imposed governor on its upside. When we throw to set up the run – and those throws are actually substantial, intended to grab chunk gains and exploit obvious coverage opportunity (Duvernay in permanent single coverage, RBs out of backfield, the big boys on untraditional throwing downs) really good things happen for us. It’s also worth noting that in a game where Ehlinger threw the ball 36 times (but we actually called 40+ passes when you factor scrambles/sacks) Texas actually held a 8 minute TOP advantage and significantly shortened the game. Just run good offense.

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