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The 2020 Texas class: Hurry up and wait

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At the same time da ‘Rona was plotting to ruin spring football, I wrote ’These are merely freshman.’ That piece embedded a song in your head for the rest of the day and I sure hope that doesn’t happen again.

The spring was to be an exciting time for the list of early enrollees as they climatized to both the academic and athletic demands of being a University of Texas freshman football player. Rather than getting a good jump on their classmates, they only experienced the benefit of a slight head start before returning home.

In the grand scheme of things, does that even matter one way or the other? Say what you want about Tom Herman, but he’s done two things incredibly well. First, he’s improved team toughness through an overhaul of culture. That improvement was noticeable immediately. The second thing Herman has done incredibly well is improve the top to bottom functional depth chart.

With the freshmen set to arrive to campus on June 13th, let’s take a quick status check of what their prospects look like in the short and long term.

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