The Deeper Implications Of The New NCAA Redshirt Rule

Denzel Okafor (Will Gallagher/IT)
Denzel Okafor (Will Gallagher/IT)

Anytime there’s a rule change of significance in any sport (the 3 point line and defensive rules in basketball, pro-offense rules in football and the NHL), you learn to quickly distinguish which coaching staffs play checkers, which play chess and which struggle with rock-paper-scissors.

This is a change that has deeper implications than what is obvious at first glance. This new rule can be used effectively in a college football program to create depth, extend developmental timelines, manage a position room and create carrots. There will be college football teams who immediately grasp the wider implications of this rule change. There will be others who notice at the end of the year that they had several guys play in five games – just missing the cutoff. Darn that bad luck! 

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