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The Eyes Pod: Ep. 22 – Tracking Football

The Eyes of Texas Are Upodcast
The Eyes of Texas Are Upodcast

This week the podcast is joined by Mark Branstad, CEO of the aptly named Tracking Football recruiting service. Tracking Football is employed by over 25 colleges including Texas, Clemson, Washington, Oregon, and A&M that indexes current high school football players through their results in track and field. They have a database in the tens of thousands that allows client-schools to compare current potential recruits with players of yesteryear, including innumerable hidden gems who have made it big. Kareem Hunt is used as an example of one such gem as a player who was hidden in plain sight. If Hunt wasn’t going to make it, it surely wasn’t going to be due to raw athleticism as the index illustrates.

One can infer how if this service is combined with thorough evaluation of a player’s football character and level of skill it can offer programs a leg up.

We’re also joined by former NFL running backs coach David Walker. Walker is new to the Tracking Football team and offers hands-on experience and insight as to why this service can help optimize both college programs as well as professional organizations.

Branstad can be found at @TRCKFTBLGUY. Walker’s handle is @CoachWalk33. Tracking Football is at @TrckFootball.



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