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The Inside Scoop – 9/6/16 (Part II)

Baron Browning. (Justin Wells/IT)
Baron Browning. (Justin Wells/IT)

The sequel to the smash hit, Scoop – Part I, goes in-depth on Baron Browning, we look closer at visitors from the Texas-Notre Dame classic, update you on 4-star Lagaryonn Carson, and take a look at new targets making a UT push. All this and more in The Scoop – Part II. Here’s the Inside Scoop – Part I from Eric Nahlin.

From: Justin Wells

1. Baron, the Scholar

Every time I see this guy, I’m amazed. By his talent, his demeanor, and his overall maturity. Finding the right school to play football is important to the Brownings, but it comes with much more. Mainly; grades.

The academic side of this equation is as important, if not more, than the athletic portion. Education is not just talk in the Browning home, it’s a way of life. From his brother graduating from Stanford, to his mom getting close to her Doctorate, your grades are everything in this squad. And at Texas, hitting the academic approach has been a home run where Strong flips the bat.

“The first thing that made me like Texas was that we didn’t talk about football, we talked about academics. And in my household, that’s very big. Education is huge in my home. Football doesn’t last forever. The alumni, the networking, the academic side is so important when looking at these schools. Some coaches tweet at me that stuff, but they don’t have the academic/networking side to back it up. I don’t care that Texas went 5-7 last year, I care that the school is going to develop me as a technician – I’ve been going off athletic ability most my life – develop me as a young man, on and off the field, and at the end of the day, go to a university that can set me up for life after football.”

Browning is interested in Computer Science and possibly owning his own computer business after football. His priorities are exactly where they need to be.

On the field, high school opponents are running away from Baron. Waco La Vega tried and failed.

“After my forced fumble (on the game’s first play), Terrell decided to run away from me the rest of the night,” said Browning. “I still stay locked in. I still keep my teammates locked in.”

Terrell’s speedster at running back broke free early in the 4th quarter and was almost certain to hit pay-dirt with the game’s tying score. Until Baron happened. He caught the Tigers’ tailback from 20 yards behind. USC coach Tommie Robinson looked at me and said,” did he just do that?”

“People don’t know how fast I am,” said Browning. “We needed a play and I made it.”

Stardom has just started to hit Baron. We’ve followed this 5-star since his sophomore season, but it’s now finally sinking in to him that he’s one of the nation’s best.

“It hit me my sophomore year when I was named the country’s top 2017 OLB,” Browning said. “But honestly, I’ve stopped caring about that after my sophomore season. I’m just trying to ball out with my teammates and my brothers, and get better each day.”

Baron will announce on November 29th, his father’s birthday. He’ll enroll early and participate in Spring drills at his future program.

His reaction after the Texas win over ND on Sunday night was priceless; shock and awe. “Oh my God.”

Texas continues to look good here. Like ‘all A’s good.’

2. News/Notes after TX-ND

Sam Ehlinger (Westlake, QB – 2017): “(Sunday) night was just a glimpse of what the future holds for Texas football. I think for recruiting purposes it was huge, not only for the guys that were at the game, but all over the country because everyone wants to go to Texas, it’s just a matter of we’re winning or not.”

My take: Orange house.

Montrell Estell (Hooks, ATH – 2017): “It was very exciting and the fans were extremely loud the whole game. I didn’t talk to many recruits, it was just so many people you couldn’t hardly do or hear anything.”

My take: The bEASTtexas athlete is ready to man the secondary at DBU next fall.

Joshua Moore (Yoakum, WR – 2018): “DKR was crazy man, the atmosphere was amazing! The crazy part is I walked up in the stands and I heard the fans calling my name. They were like “Yoakum, Texas in the building.” I felt the love. The coaches told me,’ you know you want to come here. Come be a part of something special.'”

My take: His twin, Jordan, is close to Texas. Josh is close too, but also more open and enjoying the recruiting process. But with his mom (UT grad), brother (potential future UT grad), and relationship with Jeff Traylor, I’d be surprised to see him anywhere but Austin. Still, it’s early, so stay tuned.

Damion Miller (John Tyler, WR – 2017): “(DKR) was crazy lit. I’ll have Shane (Buechele) and Sam (Ehlinger) at QB. That’s exciting. I would love that (Shane and Sam); they can throw me the deep ball. Man, I can’t wait.”

My take: The John Tyler-to-Texas pipeline continues.

Levi Jones (Austin Westlake, LB – 2017): “Crazy atmosphere. It was a great game, exciting the whole way through. Yeah, Sam’s in my ear a lot (about Texas) but I’ve always thought as time went on coach Strong has been getting the program back to “the standards” or whatever you want to call it. I mean I think a lot of the others (recruits) can agree too that, yes, Texas is looking better.”

My take: This one has really turned. Just when I was ready to write this kid off to out-of-state (LSU or USC), Strong and Sam are pushing the right buttons. Texas is in this one, y’all.

Kalon Barnes (Silsbee, WR – 2018): “Wild! It was lots and lots of people. Coach Murphy and coach Williams talked to me before the game. They were just saying come back soon. Everything stood put. I just wish I could have got a tour though the school. I’ll have to come back.”

My take: This kid has been a soft A&M lean for months now. This kid is also a freakish athlete on the Josh Moore level and UT made up ground Sunday.


“I just want to see good things this season. I’m really hoping they can have a great season. I love coach Strong. I want him to be successful. I like a lot of the players on that team, so I’m excited for them this season.”Walker Little


From: Joe Cook


Eric recently wrote up one of the rising stars from Ridge Point, Chad Bailey over at the new Recruiting State of Texas free forum. While Bailey’s stock is rising, one of the stars of the 2018 class is Ridge Point’s TE, Mustapha Muhammad.

Muhammad is a smooth runner and pass catcher who also is not afraid to get his hands dirty blocking. He moves his 6-foot-4, 230 pound frame well.

Muhammad made the double trip this weekend to both A&M and Texas. From Muhammad himself, it sounded like he enjoyed his weekend.

“Lots of noise and tradition going on and UT played well. Offense looked crisp and balanced. Had some fun too.”

Muhammad has interest in Notre Dame as well, so he got the chance to see how both schools utilized the position.

“Both schools had tight ends on the field the whole time. I liked that, but wasn’t too intrigued by the amount of throws to the tight end. But it was just one game. I’ll have to go back and see what happens throughout the season.”

Muhammad said he plans to visit TCU and OU in the coming weeks, and plans to see big games featuring LSU and Bama as well as Ohio State and Michigan. He also wants to take a trip to South Bend.

This sounds like another case where prospects want to see how the offense uses the tight end. I’ve been told that Muhammad and A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin communicate regularly and have a solid relationship.

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