The Inside Texas Player Draft, Pick No. 1: Colt McCoy

If you were putting together a football team with only the current Longhorns available, who would be your first pick? Who would be your second? And on and on.

Introducing the Inside Texas Player Draft, where both the fans and the Inside Texas staff vote on their picks. Fan voting will be on-going and over the next few weeks we’ll release both the staff and message board community picks.

Voting for pick No. 1 closed on Sunday night and quarterback Colt McCoy was the winner by a wide margin…

Inside Texas Staff Pick: Colt McCoy, Sr., QB

The first pick, not surprisingly, was a unanimous one from the Inside Texas staff. McCoy was a finalist for the Heisman Trophy and has crushed school passing records (including breaking the national recored for completion percentage in a season), but more importantly McCoy is the center of everything the Longhorns do on offense and has become the definitive leader for the Texas football team.

Readers’ Pick: Colt McCoy, Sr., QB

Colt McCoy – 85.71%Sergio Kindle – 12.38% Roddrick Muckelroy – 0.95% Jordan Shipley – 0.95%

Defensive end Sergio Kindle (who entered the discussion amongst the staff as well) is the only other player to challenge McCoy for the top spot, gaining 12.38 percent of the fan vote. However, McCoy is far and away the No. 1, pulling down over 85 percent of votes for the first pick.

Few doubted that McCoy would win the voting for the top spot, but now that McCoy has been taken things will get a bit more interesting with pick No. 2 and with No. 3 and so on…

Voting for pick No. 2 is now open. Click to vote and to join the conversation: Inside Texas Longhorn Football Draft: Pick 2 (vote now)

Sample of reader quotes from the Pick No. 1 discussion:

Voted for McCoy

“I went with Colt. To me it was only between Colt and Kindle and only one of those two have player of the year awards and was in New York last year.” -ImInsideTexas

“I voted for Colt and there was no consideration for any other player. He was the MVP last season and if he didn’t return for his senior year, we wouldn’t be talking about a national championship run for this season. It all starts with Colt.” -sean_m_gerber

“Got to join the others on Colt. This is much like the NFL draft where ‘franchise’ quarterbacks go first even though they aren’t the most talented players. But I look at who we can least afford to lose and that player is Colt.” -stevehorn

“If there is no Colt, we might be better off scrapping the spread for the Wildcat. I think this is as close to a no-brainer as we’ll get.” -crackthewhip

“I went with Colt of course, not even close. My only other options would’ve been Chykie Brown for a lock-down corner, or Kindle for a pass rush.” -suuperflie

“Colt. He is the most accurate passer in history. He was our leading rusher in 2008. He is a leader.” -dblackmor

Voted for Kindle

“I really think that Kindle will be the most disruptive defensive player in the country this year. Colt is my No. 2 pick though for sure.” -DukeNo11

“There’s no way [Texas] would have won 11 games last year without [McCoy] at QB. However, based on the NFL and drafting the best player for the next level, I had to go with Kindle. He will only get better (much better).” -mikedwat

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For more details on the draft process, see Announcing the Inside Texas Longhorn Football Draft

[Note: Readers who are involved in the picks and the conversation are eligible to win a gift card from Third Base Bar and Grill. A winner will be drawn at random from registered users who participate in the discussion of each of the top 10 picks on the Inside Texas Forums.]