The Inside Texas Player Draft, Pick No. 21: Michael Huey

With the second to last pick, the IT Community takes offensive lineman Michael Huey, while the IT Staff finally took a running back.

Inside Texas Staff Pick: Cody Johnson, Soph., RB

Sample from the staff discussion

Ross Lucksinger: Ok, this is where we take a running back.

Bill Frisbie: You’ve got to have a running back in there somewhere.

Clendon Ross: What’s more important to Texas? The running backs on the list or another wide receiver or a great potential at DE like Alex Okafor?

Lucksinger: Let me put it this way. Texas got down the field without a running back, but when the Horns got on the goal line they gave the ball to Cody Johnson and they were most effective when he was plowing ahead. He had three touchdowns against OU. In terms of getting the ball in the end zone, he’s the best answer.

Frisbie: He had a breakout game against A&M and I think this season it’ll finally click for him.

C. Ross: You’ve got to have somebody to punch it in.

Readers’ Pick: Michael Huey, Jr., OL

Michael Huey – 38.1%

James Kirkendoll – 30.95%

Hunter Lawrence – 9.52%

Christian Scott – 9.52%

Also receiving votes: Deon Beasley, Charlie Tanner, Fozzy Whittaker

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Players taken so far:

By IT Staff

1. Colt McCoy

2. Sergio Kindle

3. Jordan Shipley

4. Adam Ulatoski

5. Chykie Brown

6. Lamarr Houston

7. Chris Hall

8. Roddrick Muckelroy

9. Earl Thomas

10. Aaron Williams

11. Malcolm Williams

12. Kyle Hix

13. Sam Acho

14. Kheeston Randall

15. Michael Huey

16. James Kirkendoll

17. David Snow

18. Blake Gideon

19. Jared Norton

20. Blaine Irby

21. Cody Johnson

By Readers

1. Colt McCoy

2. Sergio Kindle

3. Jordan Shipley

4. Roddrick Muckelroy

5. Lamarr Houston

6. Adam Ulatoski

7. Chykie Brown

8. Chris Hall

9. Cody Johnson

10. Earl Thomas

11. Malcolm Williams

12. Aaron Williams

13. Kyle Hix

14. Blaine Irby

15. Sam Acho

16. Kheeston Randall

17. Blake Gideon

18. Keenan Robinson

19. David Snow

20. Jared Norton

21. Michael Huey

Note: The draft goes until pick No. 22, so there is only one pick left.