The Inside Texas Player Draft, Pick No. 7: Chykie Brown

It was the closest fan vote yet and it was between two players of the same position. Cornerback Chykie Brown edged out fellow corner Aaron Williams for pick No. 7. Meanwhile, the IT Staff went with center Chris Hall to shore up the offensive line.

Inside Texas Staff Pick: Chris Hall, Sr., C

Sample from the staff discussion

Ross Lucksinger: I’ve been advocating (Roddrick) Muckelroy for the past two picks, but we’ve gone defensive the past two picks so I’m wondering if I want to keep him there.

C. Ross: Let me throw something out there. Chris Hall is a guy that can play any of the offensive line positions. And I don’t recall many, or any, errant snaps last season. I would put Muckelroy, Hall and (Kyle) Hix in the discussion for this pick. I like Hix a lot, but Hall’s versatility would give you a lot with this pick.

Bill Frisbie: I say Hall if we’re getting an offensive lineman. So do we go Muckelroy or Hall?

Lucksinger: We’ve done quite a bit for the defense leading up to this pick and need help on the offensive line, so I’m switching and going with Hall.

C. Ross: What’s interesting to me about this, about discussing picking him so high, is that Chris Hall was almost an afterthought when he got to Texas because he was a late commitment, he wasn’t one of Texas’ original targets, we brought in late and (offensive line coach) Mac McWhorter just loved him. And he was still an afterthought until about two years ago when they needed him, they needed him at every position and he did it, he filled in at every position. He really plugged a line that needed a lot of help, and then last year he turned into a very, very reliable center.

Readers’ Pick: Chykie Brown, Jr., CB

Chykie Brown – 29.31%

Aaron Williams – 24.14%

Chris Hall – 17.24%

Cody Johnson – 6.90%

Malcolm Williams – 6.90%

Earl Thomas – 5.17%

Fozzy Whittaker – 5.17%

Sam Acho – 3.45%

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Sample of reader quotes from the Pick No. 7 discussion

Voted for Brown

“I picked Chykie Brown last round and I’m sticking with him as long as he’s on the board. We need a corner and I know some rather have Aaron Williams because of his upside but I think at this point Brown is the more proven commodity.” -ImInsideTexas

“I took Chykie Brown. He may not be quite as physically gifted as Aaron Williams (whom I also considered), but he plays at a consistently high level and plays the ball in the air better than any corner on the team right now.” -sean_m_gerber

Voted for Aaron Williams

“I chose A. Williams with this pick. This was a tough decision for me. I knew it was time for a DB, but Ch. Brown or A. Williams made me think. Ultimately it came down to the upside of A. Williams against the more consistent Ch. Brown. Albeit, A. Williams will make more mistakes because of lack of experience, he has shown he can make big plays that can impact the game in a huge way. The X-factor for me is the fact that he can also be a factor on special teams, which leads to more value than Ch. Brown.” -vetteman1291

Voted for Hall

“Chris, someone’s got to protect Colt for him to be effective, remember 2007?” -ttaghorn

Voted for Whittaker

“I’m sticking with a RB…Fozzy. Colt cannot throw on every down.” -AugustaHorn

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Players taken so far:

By IT Staff

1. Colt McCoy

2. Sergio Kindle

3. Jordan Shipley

4. Adam Ulatoski

5. Chykie Brown

6. Lamarr Houston

7. Chris Hall

By Readers’

1. Colt McCoy

2. Sergio Kindle

3. Jordan Shipley

4. Roddrick Muckelroy

5. Lamarr Houston

6. Adam Ulatoski

7. Chykie Brown

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