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The Quinn Ewers Compendium

It is true Texas entered the Quinn Ewers race with favorable tailwinds but when you’re recruiting the best high school prospect in the country, you can’t take anything for granted. Schools will fight tooth and nail and underscore childhood fandom shouldn’t factor; this decision should be made based on opportunity, track record of development, and winning. 

Tom Herman’s Texas program has had its ups and downs, with 2019 being ‘down.’ Unsatisfied with the offense even though it fared well by some metrics, he made one of the most important moves of his young career: he hired Mike Yurcich from Ohio State by way of Oklahoma State.

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As you can tell from reading below, the Yurcich hire paid immediate and long-term dividends.

Here is some of what we’ve written about Ewers since the Yurcich hire. By reading this you’ll get a good sense of how the young five-star quarterback is wired.

12/27: We’d be surprised if Tim Beck decides to return. He could be a candidate to coach tight ends but we think he’ll look for work elsewhere. That would open up another spot. This position will also need to be filled with a good recruiter.They’ll all need to be filled with good recruiters to help regain momentum.

To that end, Yurcich would be a positive for Quinn Ewers and that would be a big multiplier. At that point, who cares how he recruits as long as he’s scheming up good offense and maximizing his weapons.

3/20: Normally we wouldn’t start with a 2022 recruit, but Southlake Carroll five-star quarterback Quinn Ewers was recently named the No. 2 player in the nation for his class, and he’s been a popular topic on the Prospect Board.
Part of why Quinn Ewers is a five-star prospect is he’s a five-tool player: Arm, athleticism, intelligence, intangibles, and hair.

This recruitment hasn’t been the most difficult to get a handle on, but there isn’t a ton of information out there because Ewers prefers to stay out of the spotlight. Like most quarterbacks, even the high profile ones, you can expect Ewers to have a drama free process. That isn’t to say there might not be suspense and intrigue.

UT’s change in coordinator added some intrigue. When it looked like Graham Harrell would get the nod, I was thinking Ewers to Texas was easily the most likely outcome. But what about Mike Yurcich?

The good thing about Ewers being so high profile is he already knew Yurcich from the new offensive coordinator’s time at Ohio State. From what I gather, they’re still getting to know each other and Yurcich has been in frequent contact. Ewers understands he’s a priority for Texas.

Ewers has a short list of schools he likes. I’m not even sure who’s on it, but I can speculate Texas, Alabama, Clemson, and OU. There may be others.

I’ve maintained he’s on a shorter timeline and I still think that’s the case, but recent developments have made it impossible to take visits and we don’t know when things will return to normal.

After doing some asking around, I feel better about UT’s chances than I did the last time I checked. But this one still has a ways to go and the competition will be fierce.

Once he’s able to make some trips, things could pick up quickly. Relationships are going to matter and those are much easier to put in place in person. Talking on the phone is one thing, connecting in person is another.

An aside: It’s been mentioned that many high profile quarterbacks surface early then eventually get surpassed by others. I don’t think that’s Ewers. Some of those other guys mentioned I urged caution on.

5/13: Quinn Ewers
is probably the best quarterback prospect in the nation regardless of class. Beyond being an uncommon talent, he seems to take the no-nonsense recruiting approach typical of quarterbacks to a new level. If we weren’t under our current circumstances I could see him being committed somewhere by now, but he does want to take a few visits when he’s able.

From talking to a couple of sources, to win this recruitment you’re going to have to appeal to his football IQ. I think Ewers understands college concepts are a growing part of the NFL game but you still have to get through progressions quickly and understand what defenses are trying to do. Whoever Ewers feels will develop him the best for the long-term has the upper hand. Given his deserved five-star status, every big school in the country is after him. I’m not saying he’s Trevor Lawrence as a prospect (I’m also not not saying it), but he’s being pursued similarly. That means every door is open. What I do know is Mike Yurcich is giving Texas a heck of a chance to end up with the signature. Texas had to make a bigtime offensive coordinator hire and there’s some optimism all around that it did. This doesn’t set up to be a roller coaster recruitment but it could turn into a whirlwind once visits are allowed to take place. UT is up against the premier programs of the day, but a good visit with Tom Herman and Mike Yurcich could be enough to earn the pledge. If they do earn the commitment it will say a lot about Yurcich’s ability to sell an attractive vision because Ewers is more discerning when it comes to scheme/development than any instate QB recruit I can recall.

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6/12: OU 247 reporter Brandon Drumm rated the Sooners chances of landing Quinn Ewers at 60 percent, with OU leading. To his credit, he does mention his percentage is subject to change “because he likes Texas too. All depends on how things shake out in the next 5-6 months, imo.”

This is partially right in our eyes. Ewers definitely likes Texas and would like to see how things shake out with the new coordinator. My feeling is Ewers knows what OU will be but he’s very intrigued by what Mike Yurcich does with Ehlinger

We do not think OU leads, but that isn’t to say UT does. It isn’t our opinion that Texas has to have a perfect season but the overall passing game has to be varied and productive. A lot of players view their college choice through the lens of how it helps prepare them for the NFL. That’s Ewers. A big jump in the eyes of NFL scouts for Sam Ehlinger would go a long way.

As we’ve mentioned, this recruitment won’t be a roller coaster but it could become a whirlwind. Things could move quickly when visits are restored.

7/31: Quinn Ewers…the five-star 2022 quarterback from Southlake Carroll continues apace. The industry talk on this one is somewhat interesting but doesn’t quite line up with our read/intel. Those who give the edge to OU will discuss Ewers’ relationship with Lincoln Riley. It is true Ewers has a good relationship with Riley. It’s also true that Riley is OU‘s quarterback coach in addition to head coach so his role is a bit different than Tom Herman’s. If Riley’s contact outpaces that of Herman and UT’s quarterback coach and offensive coordinator, Mike Yurcich, then maybe that will become an issue. As of now, we think Herman is at least holding serve and Yurcich is doing well. Riley pulling double duty might offer the Sooners a small advantage but we don’t think it puts the Sooners over the top. Texas has a chance to win this recruitment on the field. The Ewers’ aren’t driven by hype, potential, depth charts, NIL, etc. Whoever wins this recruitment will do so honestly with the product on the field. They will have earned the Ewers’ confidence that Quinn will be maximized. Given his ability, that’s going to be a fortunate program.