The Trouble With Shaka’s Backcourts

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College basketball is a guard-dominated affair.

Shocking news, I know. Brand new **** y’all have never, ever considered, I’m sure. So, you’re welcome.

Last spring, I spent a lot of time thinking about the guards we’ve seen come through the 40 Acres since 2000. From Brandon Mouton to TJ Ford to DJ Augustin and all the way to today, we’ve been fortunate to watch a lot of terrific players.

But, and perhaps some might remember this conversation as I highlighted in one of our podcasts, there’s a pretty significant difference between the level of backcourt play Texas got between 2001 and 2011 and, then, from 2011 through today.

I posted a kind of long group of screen captures of statistics I put together from some of the top backcourt players during both Rick’s and Shaka’s tenures.

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