Three Points by Sean – 2/24/16

Texas coaches - Anthony Johnson, Clay Jennings, and Charlie Williams. (courtesy of Texas officials)
Texas coaches – Anthony Johnson, Clay Jennings, and Charlie Williams. (courtesy of Texas officials)

Finding coaching fits, and more on Anthony Johnson and Clay Jennings in Three Points by Sean.

Does fit really matter?

Nobody should be shocked that one of the first questions asked of new Texas wide receiver coach Charlie Williams was about his fit into the new G-Force offense run by Sterlin Gilbert.

Williams has been in the NFL for the last four years but has coaching stints at South Carolina, North Carolina, TCU and others. When asked about his experience and whether it fit with his quick answer was, “Football is football. Coaching is coaching. Teaching is teaching.”

The only thing that really matters is if he comes in and does everything in his power to make Gilbert great. Charlie Strong mentioned when talking about the coaching staff that there is no pride in the room and everyone is about the Texas team being great. Williams seems really impressed with Gilbert. While I have no reason to not completely respect the work history of Williams, if the Texas offense is not successful in 2016, it will not be the fault of the wide receiver coach.

As Colt McCoy said during the Texas vs. UNLV baseball game, “This Texas football team is a quarterback away.”

The QB is the most important fit and possibly the only thing that fits.

Anthony Johnson is happy like

Anthony Johnson’s excitement was so high that it could not measured by anyone there. He had great energy and remarked that he feel a great energy in the Texas facility.

“The energy in this building is great and it reminds me of some of my years here. Those were pretty good years.”

He would be a hard guy to not cheer for even if he wasn’t so engaging, hard working, and a nice, young man. He broke the same bone in his foot eight times and talked about the frustration he felt having to deal with that injury over and over again.

When he was asked about his style or offense he said, “What we ran at Toledo is pretty close to what we have now. They [ Gilbert] don’t run anything that we didn’t run.”

Obviously, a coaching job at Texas is exciting but when you have worn the colors and enjoyed your time in Austin at a level that Johnson has, it is special on a different level.

Clay Jennings was working against Texas

Clay Jennings was helping recruit in the state of Texas and against UT for players that eventually ended up in Austin like Brandon Jones, Kyle Porter, and Eric Cuffee.

He teased at the press conference, “I tried to recruit them and couldn’t get them so I decided to come here and coach them.”

He also recruited against Texas for the services of running back Devwah Whaley, who eventually signed with Arkansas and remarked at how great of a decision that it was for him and that he would be great at Arkansas.

When he talked about the current roster, two things stood out. He said that he was excited to get to coach off-injured Sheroid Evans and hoped that he could stay healthy but also said, “I’m happy to take over all this great talent. I just don’t want to mess it up.”

I like all of the coaches that were brought in this year but as for the three UT got on Monday, they are all folding into grand schemes by coordinators that are under pressure.