Football Recruiting

Top ’09 OT Talks Texas

SAN ANTONIO — Cedar Hill junior offensive tackle Thomas Ashcraft talks about if he has a scholarship offer from Texas, his interest in the Longhorns and the key factors in his recruitment during an exclusive interview with Inside Texas from U.S. Army All-American Bowl week.
IT: What is your height and weight?

Thomas Ashcraft: I’m 6-5, 290. I run a 5.1 and just did 25 reps (of 185 pounds).

IT: What schools have offered you scholarships?

Ashcraft: Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Baylor, Houston, Nebraska, Kansas State.

IT: Which schools are you interested in that have not offered you a scholarship?

Ashcraft: Probably Florida, Ohio State.

IT: What about Texas?

Ashcraft. Yeah. That slipped my mind.

IT: Do you have interest in Texas?

Ashcraft: Yes.

IT: Why?

Ashcraft: It’s a winning school. It’s near home. I like the tradition they have.

IT: Are any of the Texas coaches in contact with you?

Ashcraft: Yes.

IT: Which coach is recruiting you?

Ashcraft: Coach (Bruce) Chambers.

IT: When is the last time you talked to him?

Ashcraft: The day of the Holiday Bowl.

IT: What did the two of you talk about?

Ashcraft: He was just seeing how I was doing. I wished them luck on the game. That was pretty much it.

IT: Did you ask him about a scholarship offer?

Ashcraft: He said just to think about it. He said it’s coming.

IT: If a specific school were to offer you a scholarship would you immediately commit?

Ashcraft: No.

IT: What are you seeking in your college choice?

Ashcraft: Just comfort, how the coaching staff is with the players, academics. It’s pretty much how I feel there if I’m going there.

IT: Growing up, were you a fan of a particular school?

Ashcraft: I really just watched all of them. Whatever came on.

IT: With Coach Chambers calling you, has that helped Texas make progress with you in recruiting?

Ashcraft: Yeah, pretty much. All of the schools that have really talked to me, they’re high in my thoughts.