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Top Five Texas Running Backs for 2013

This class doesn’t have the star power of Johnathan Gray or Trey Williams, but there’s some real quality at the top thanks to a Florida move in, an explosive all purpose back and a former defensive back whose exploitative film propelled him to the top of UT’s most wanted list.
I’ve left off Cedar Hill’s Laquvionte Gonzalez because I don’t think he’ll line up as a traditional running back much, but I’ve included Dontre Wilson because while I don’t think he’d line up in the offensive back field in UT’s offense, he would in Oregon’s or Oklahoma State’s. 5) Adam Taylor/Katy/6’1 200 lbs: More known for being a ‘sum of their parts’ team rather than their individual talent, scouts are flocking Katy to get a good look at Taylor and recent OU verbal Matt Dimon. While Katy’s Taylor may not be great in any one specific area, he has colored in the ‘good’ bubble on his scantron in every meaninful department. Offers: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Baylor, Colorado, Illinois, LSU, Northwestern, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St., Purdue, Stanford, Wisconsin (easy uniform transition, imo) Note: I don’t think all of these offers are commitable at this point. 4) James White/Pearland Dawson/6′ 190 lbs: Once thought to be squarely on the coaching staff’s radar, White wasn’t pursued because of the emergence of Kyle Hicks. He’s a good powerful prospect with decent speed but he runs a bit robotic. You don’t have to possess the full array of running back qualities to be successful, but it helps to have overwhelming positives make up for negatives. White’s lack of fluidity is going to make himself a bit of a target in the almighty S!E!C!, and I don’t see his speed or power making up for that. He’s a good prospect, but not elite. Offers: (Committed to Texas A&M) Auburn, Baylor, Tech 3) Kyle Hicks/Arlington Martin/5’10 190 lbs: Though I have Wilson ranked ahead of Hicks, Hicks is the better fit for Texas. Quicker than fast, Hicks has elite elusiveness and vision, paired with decent speed and power. He’s Jeremy Hills, if Jeremy Hills were as good as Kyle Hicks. He’d be an early contributor at most schools, but with plenty of artillery in the Bellmont armament, he could redshirt and collect a little dust before it’s his time. Offers: (Committed to Texas) Arkansas, Baylor, Michigan, Notre Dame, TCU, Texas A&M and about twenty more had he not committed to UT at the beginning of his bubble. 2) Dontre Wilson/DeSoto/5’11” 180 lbs: Wilson is most well known for his explosive play, but what really stood out to me is how hard he runs. While that underrated power won’t translate equally to the next level, it’s a good indication that he’ll be breaking some arm tackles on the outside and he’ll run hard through the wash when there’s little operating room. Texas is still in pursuit of Wilson but appears to have some ground to make up, presumably due to Texas’ schematic disfavor to his position in contrast with the wide open expanses in Eugene and Stillwater. The lack of effective usage of D.J. Monroe couldn’t have helped Texas with regards to landing the dynamic Wilson, but that’s not Harsin’s fault. Hopefully Daje Johnson can give Wilson an adequate representation of what Harsin’s scheme can do for him, you know, if he’s still on the market. Wilson will be at the spring game at the end of the month, it’s then that Mack will read his palm and decipher whether or not Wilson is in UT’s cards, or if it’s time to give him some breathing room and wait for him to potentially come back in play. Offers: Arizona St., Arkansas, Baylor, Clemson, Colorado, Houston, Kansas, Kansas St., LSU, Mississippi St., Missouri, Notre Dame, Ohio St., Oklahoma, Oklahoma St., Oregon, Rice, Tennessee, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech 1) Keith Ford/Cy Ranch/5’11” 195 lbs: Ford is the best all around running back the state has seen since Aledo last played. By the time he next takes the field that will have been over eight months! Just like Henry envisioned, Ford comes off the assembly line ready to produce. He takes all the parts necessary to build an efficient vehicle and pieces them together to create something truly eye catching. Those traits include speed, versatility, handling, and economical usage of resources, though he’s not some slight hybrid. He may be too valuable to use on special teams, but perhaps he’ll get his chance on kick off returns early in his career because he definitely has the ability to affect field position. He’ll be going to Oklahoma which is apropos. They love their (Big Red) Autos there. Offers: (Committed to OU) Alabama, Baylor, Florida St. Michigan, Nebraska, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Oklahoma St., Tennessee, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Utah, Wisconsin Look for my initial Inside Texas Top 100 to drop in the next day or two.