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Tuesday Scoopage

Jalen Green (Eric Nahlin/IT)
Jalen Green (Eric Nahlin/IT)

Sometime in the early mid-2000’s some friends and I were on one of those river buses in New Braunfels catching a ride back to the parking lot. It being a long day in the sun, we might have had a little buzz working. I look over to the side and I see somebody’s head standing way taller than the rest. It’s THE Chris Mihm. Within 15 seconds we had that whole bus chanting “Let’s go Celtics!” I still laugh about it wondering if most of the people even knew why we were chanting that.

Here’s the latest on Jalen Green, Leon O’Neal, walk-on’s adding up, and the first Houston area UT target to drop for the Class of 2018. Some Tuesday Scoopage.

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