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‘Twas the night before Signing Day…

Bevo. (Will Gallagher/IT)
Bevo. (Will Gallagher/IT)

‘Twas the night before Signing Day and all through the board,

Discord was swelling because of the loss of Ro. Moore.

The fax machine was placed by the chimney with care

In the hopes that a similarly-surnamed cousin would soon be there.

The Moon was a Rising, the future looks bright

“AND THEN I WENT TO TEXAS,” rang out in the night.

Herman, oh Herman, what crootin’ you’ve done

As you prepare for the rush that will be N.S.D. One.

The Eagles will soon sign home to their nest,

While Sterns and Foster look forward to their beauty-rest.

Dicker the Kicker looks forward with glee,

To pummeling footballs off of the tee.

An aptly named Shark, the wonder of the IT Staff’s eye

As we three try to see who saw him first; Boyd, Eric, or I.

As Corby welcomes two to Moncrief’s foyer,

Epps to his position room, and Coburn from Meekins’ former employer.

Lest we forget the duo from East Texas

As Justin constantly tries to tell us just how much better ETX is than the rest.

Ingram and D-Mo, two difference makers on the field

One about to seek another UIL championship yield.

And we may not know where West Texas begins,

But know for sure that Reese Moore will be in.

And how could we forget the QB that came first,

Good Casey Thompson, free from the Sooners’ curse.

The Lights will be Green at Houston Heights High,

As Eric’s top corner’s burnt orange beginning is nigh.

And while I’m on a roll here, Rafiti Ghirmai,

Texas’ o-line best, for Warehime, he rides.

And finally, the linebackers that Texas will sign,

“Todd Orlando Does Defense,” Mutha Hustla’s great line,

Fort Worth’s finest, Eastern Hills’ best,

And Dele from St. Louis, a recruitment to rest.

Now two more players, for their signatures Herman waits,

A Junior from Utah, from the Islands he makes haste.

And Woodard, the burner, From Mirabeau Lamar,

To be a Z-receiver for Drew Mehringer.

And as I went to bed to await the flurry of signatures,

I heard Bevo holler from his ranch and handlers

“Moo” was his word, but he meant no worries and fret not,

The #revolUTion18 signs tomorrow, a class near the top.