Upon Further Review

How much influence does

coach-in-waiting Will Muschamp have in Texas’ post-season

evaluation of staff and the overall direction of the program? Will RB

coach Major Applewhite assume more of the offensive responsibilities,

starting with Saturday’s Florida Atlantic game?
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“We haven’t changed anything,”

head coach Mack Brown said Wednesday. “There have been no staff

changes. There has been nothing adjusted or anything else. We’ve

been working hard to beat Florida Atlantic.”

Coaching changes are expected, however,

when Brown conducts his annual evaluation at the end of Texas’

season. One more regular season setback, of course, means Texas

misses the bowl season for the first time during Brown’s 13-year

tenure. That scenario expedites his annual assessment, ordinarily

conducted in early January following Texas’ bowl game.

The extent to which Muschamp leverages

his ‘heir apparent’ status – unnamed sources in various media

outlets have said he influences not only personnel decisions but also

schemes on both sides of the ball – has become more of a hot topic

in the months since Texas’ season crashed to a 4-6 mark and on the

heels of his flirtation with the Tennessee vacancy last January.

“Will is the defensive coordinator

and that’s the way it’s been,” Brown told Inside Texas. “Will

is fighting really hard to help us on defense.”

Inside Texas has reported that

offensive line coach Mac McWhorter’s departure is an almost

certainty and that TE coach Bruce Chambers is also reportedly on the

chopping block.

“I’ve changed some coaches when

we’ve won,” Brown noted, “because I felt like there was

something in an area that needed to pick up, and it wasn’t. I had

addressed it for a year and didn’t see changes.”

Now, Brown will address all that which

contributed to a team on the brink of his first losing season at

Texas. Brown will spend a few days mulling his decisions immediately

after the end of the season. The assessment includes about 16

check-points, Brown said, including a coach’s recruiting success

and productivity of his players.

“People just want you to whip through

and make a decision,” Brown continued. “If you make a decision

without the proper research you’re not being fair to anybody. I’ll

get with myself, and I’ll get with some I trust, at the end of the

year and try to make some proper evaluations like I always do. It’s

no different from any other year. There’s just more attention put

on this year by (the media) because we haven’t done well.”

Staff adjustments and changes during

the season is not part of his standard operating procedure, Brown


“After 37 years (of coaching), you

have a pretty good idea of what went wrong and how it went wrong, and

how to fix it,” Brown concluded. “One of the tricks is figuring

out why we were consistently good for so long and, therefore, what

dropped off this year? — What was it? — so we can make sure we don’t

let it happen again. That’s the process I’ll be working on over

the next span of time.”