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Warehime’s honest approach appealing to Ghirmai, Green

Rafiti Ghirmai (Will Gallagher/IT)
Rafiti Ghirmai (Will Gallagher/IT)

2018 Frisco Wakeland OL Rafiti Ghirmai and 2019 Atasocita OL and LSU commit Kenyon Green both came to Texas with high expectations for the weekend. By speaking with both, the coaches recruited them honestly, a very important factor for both athletes.

Ghirmai and Green spoke highly of the honest approach they received from offensive line coach, Derek Warehime. This seems to be a common theme coming from all the Texas coaches. After this past weekend, it seems to be Warehime’s calling card.

Ghirmai made the visit to Austin with his mother and also with one of his close friends. The underrated tackle prospect is on Texas’ radar, and could be who they focus in on for 2018. At 6-foot-5, 287 pounds, Ghirmai has the physical skills to be a Texas tackle.

On spending time with Herman: “First they made me really at home and comfy. He had his coffee table and his rings and all that stuff. He was telling me stories and how he got them. HE had a gold grill. He had a grill, golden. We were just laughing and he was talking to my mom, getting to know her, getting to know me, getting to know my friend, Peyton, and it was just really nice of him trying to know me on a personal level.”

On if he will make a return trip: “I will be coming in the spring. This will be one of my official visits.”

On official visits: “Florida is going to be on my official visit list. TCU also.”

On the football pitch: “They said they just like how I finish and my dominance. Most linemen, they struggle with either speed, hips, or hands. They say that I can bring those three things together, and I appreciate them saying that. I can see why they say that. Film doesn’t lie. If anyone talks trash about my game, I just tell them to watch my film.”

On Coach Warehime: “He was being straight forward. He wasn’t sugarcoating anything. He was just saying what a regular practice day is, how intense everything is, and how fast everything is. The transition from high school to college, it’s very difficult and you have to adapt to it very fast or you will be left behind. Some people might have taken that as a diss like he didn’t like them, but I’m glad he said that. I’m glad he didn’t sugarcoat it. Let’s say I did come here and it was totally different. I don’t want to be surprise. If I ever was to come here, I know what to expect.”

On the non-football parts of the visit: “He was talking about how there will be tutors for me. He’ll be checking in on me all the time if I came here. If he makes a promise to my family, if I’m going to graduate, he’s going to make that promise. That’s something I appreciate in a coach, them keeping their word.”

On his timeline: “After my five official visits, I’m going to make my decision. Probably November or December I’m going to make my commitment.”

On where Texas stands: “They’re high up there.”

Kenyon Green (Joe Cook/IT)
Kenyon Green (Joe Cook/IT)

Green’s abilities are some of the best in the state. There’s a strong chance he becomes the best offensive lineman in Texas for 2019.

He hails from the same high school as 2017 signee Sam Cosmi, and has said in the past he has a good relationship with Cosmi.

Green made it to Austin with his dad, Henry Green, who enjoyed the visit to Texas just as much as his son, saying Herman was “fixing to kick this place into gear.”

Green committed to LSU back in December as the Tigers were the first school to offer the Houston-area lineman. While he gave Ed Orgeron and the Tigers his commitment, he is still listening to and visiting with other schools.

On Herman: “Cool guy. I love the way he coaches and he made me feel at home when I came down there and visited.”

On his favorite part: “Seeing the academics. I loved the academic side of the campus. It was very nice.”

On what Warehime told him: “He said I would fit in very well, and I would be a good candidate for a lineman.”

What he likes about Warehime: “He doesn’t lie to you. He’ll tell you straight up what you need to do and what he needs you for.”

On if this visit changes anything: “It made me like Texas a little more. That’s about it right now.”

Other visits: “Trying to get to Texas A&M in the spring time and Oklahoma.”

On if he will make a return visit: “Yes, during the season to see a couple of games.”

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