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Wilson likes Strong, Texas direction

Marvin Wilson. (Justin Wells/IT)
Marvin Wilson. (Justin Wells/IT)

[from: Jake Faust. Jake is an intern at who attends Bellaire Episcopal in Houston.]

Earlier this week I sat down with 2017 DT Prospect from Bellaire Episcopal, Marvin Wilson. Wilson, is rated one of the top prospects in the Class of 2017 and is considered to be a Texas lean.

Inside Texas: Marvin, I understand that you have been traveling around the state for different games recently. What are the games that you have visited this year?
Marvin Wilson: I went to Texas A&M and UT this year.

IT: What schools have shown the most interest in you?
MW: Right now I have to say Texas, Texas A&M , TCU, and Maryland.

IT: Which coach at Texas has been in the closest contact with you?
MW: Coach Rumph has been checking on me here and there just to let me know that Texas likes me a lot.

IT: Could you see yourself at Texas one day?
MW: Yeah, I really can especially under coach Rumph and Charlie Strong. They are just the type of guys you want to surround yourself around. They’re guys that strive to be great and want nothing short from a championship team.

IT: What’s your view on coach Strong?
MW: I like the way he is changing the culture of Texas and the culture of football. He’s cleaning up shop, he genuinely cares about his players, not only as a athlete but a person.

IT: What do you plan to do this offseason to get better? Any camps you have scheduled to attend?
MW: A few college campuses on my map to visit. A few Texas schools, LSU, and Maryland. Hopefully get invited to Rivals camp and a couple other camps of that caliber.

IT: If you don’t mind me asking what is your early Top 5?
MW: Texas, Texas A&M, TCU, Maryland, and OU.

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