X’s and O’s with Ian Boyd

stunt-under spreadIT’s Ian Boyd breaks down the film on the Texas Longhorns with diagrams and video. The best place to to see the game plans and strategy for the Texas coaching staff. The X’s and O’s are here, including Inside the Texas Gameplan.

1/28/16 Inside the Gameplan: Who is Shane Buechele?

1/21/16 Inside the Gameplan: The Mattox OL at Texas

1/07/16 Inside the Gameplan: Why UT should scrap 3-3-5

12/31/15 Inside the Gameplan: Life without Hassan

12/17/15 Inside the Gameplan: Options at QB

12/11/15 Inside the Gameplan: Briles ball comes to Texas

12/03/15 Inside the Gameplan: Beating the Bears

11/25/15 Inside the Gameplan: Tech on Turkey Day

11/19/15 Inside the Gameplan: UT’s next OC

11/12/15 Inside the Gameplan: Where is Heard, WVU?

11/05/15 Inside the Gameplan: Playing QB at Texas

10/28/15 Inside the Gameplan: It’s starting to come together

10/22/15 Inside the Gameplan: K-State Effect

10/15/15 Inside the Gameplan: Texas identity

10/08/15 Inside the Gameplan: Red River Shootout

9/30/15 Inside the Gameplan: Opportunity in Fort Worth

9/23/15 Inside the Gameplan: Texas enters Big 12 play

9/17/15 Inside the Gameplan: Realizations from Rice

9/10/15 Inside the Gameplan: Preparing for Rice

9/8/15 Inside the Gameplan: Surveying the wreckage, looking for hope

9/3/15 Inside the Gameplan: Notre Dame

8/27/15 Inside the Gameplan: Don’t be surprised if…

8/20/15 Inside the Gameplan: We have to talk Daje

8/13/15 Inside the Gameplan: Check boxes for camp

8/6/15 Inside the Gameplan: Building around Malik Jefferson

7/30/15 Inside the Gameplan: Beneficiaries of the new offense

7/21/15 Inside the Gameplan: Texas safeties

11/11/14 Inside the Texas Gameplan: OSU

11/4/14 Inside the Texas Gameplan: West Virginia

10/27/14 Inside the Texas Gameplan: Texas Tech

10/20/14 Inside the Texas Gameplan: Kansas State

Where is Tyrone Swoopes, Part II??

(Feb) Where is Tyrone Swoopes, Part I??

Crucial themes for Texas-OU in 2014

10/6/14 Inside the Texas Gameplan: Oklahoma

9/27/14 Inside the Texas Gameplan: Baylor

9/20/14 Inside the Texas Gameplan: Kansas

9/9/14 Inside the Texas Gameplan: BYU

7/23/14 Texas 2014 Week 5 matchup: Baylor LINK 

7/14/14 Texas 2014 Week 4 matchup: Kansas LINK 

7/7/14 Knights of the Back 7 LINK 

6/27/14 Texas 2014 Week 3 matchup: UCLA LINK 

6/17/14 Texas 2014 Week 2 matchup: BYU LINK

6/11/14 Texas 2014 Week 1 matchup: North Texas LINK

5/26/14 Heard heads to Austin LINK 

5/19/14 Are the Big 12 offense ready for Charlie Strong LINK

5/6/14 Watson, Calculus, and the Texas QB quandary LINK

4/28/14 Answers from the Texas Spring game LINK 

4/21/14 Orange-White game quick thoughts LINK 

4/19/14 What we’ll be watching for in the Spring game LINK 

4/8/14 Texas’ secret strength in 2014 LINK 

3/27/14 Strong Safeties LINK 

3/21/14 Texas Spring Preview – DB LINK 

3/19/14 Texas Spring Preview – DL LINK 

3/18/14 Texas Spring Preview – LB LINK 

3/18/14 Texas Spring Preview – OL LINK 

3/15/14 Texas Spring Preview – WR LINK 

3/13/14 Texas Spring Preview – RB LINK

3/13/14 Recruiting Around the Big 12: Baylor LINK

3/11/14 Texas Spring Preview – QB LINK 

3/10/14 Recruiting Around the Big 12: TCU LINK 

3/10/14 Maximizing the Texas Defensive Line LINK 

3/7/14 Recruiting Around the Big 12: Texas Tech LINK 

3/4/14 Recruiting Around the Big 12: Oklahoma State LINK

3/1/14 Filling Gaps: Strong rebuilding UT’s LB tradition LINK

2/27/14 Recruiting Around the Big 12: Oklahoma LINK 

2/25/14 Recruiting Around the Big 12: West Virginia LINK 

2/23/14 Recruiting Around the Big 12: Kansas LINK

2/21/14 Running backs in the Wickline offense LINK 

2/19/14 Recruiting Around the Big 12: Kansas State LINK

2/18/14 Recruiting Around the Big 12: Iowa State LINK 

2/13/14  Where is Tyrone Swoopes? LINK

2/7/14 How the new class fits Strong’s schemes LINK

2/6/14 Strong’s defense vs Big 12 offenses LINK

1/28/14 Basics of the 2014 Texas Longhorns offense LINK 

1/20/14 Charlie Strong’s defense…what is it? LINK